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In August 2023, Iowa State University Library and JMIR Publications established an innovative open access publishing agreement - called a multiplayer cost-sharing deal - which promotes the values of publishing equity by making access to any JMIR journal more affordable for the Iowa State University (ISU) author community.

The funding for this deal is provided by Iowa State University Library with the goals to both promote open access and openness for ISU’s research publications, and to support author choice by making open access publishing an affordable option. This multiplayer cost-sharing model is designed to enable Iowa State University Library to stretch its open access funds to help as many authors as possible, and ensure that lack of research funds is not a barrier for authors who choose to publish in JMIR's open access journals.

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How it Works

  • Under this agreement, the Library pays the first $1,000 of the article processing fee (APF) for accepted JMIR articles with an ISU corresponding author
  • If there is a remaining balance due on the APF, JMIR will ask the ISU corresponding author if they have funding available to cover the APF balance
  • Authors who do not have grant funding available to cover the remaining APF balance may request that ISU Library cover the full APF.

    Please note: Authors who do have grant funding to cover their full APF amount may decline this payment support by ISU Library.

Agreement Details

Iowa State University Library will pay the first $1,000 of the article processing fee:

  • for all accepted articles by a corresponding author affiliated with Iowa State University
  • in any JMIR Publications journal
  • that is submitted between 01 September 2023 through 31 August 2025.

Corresponding authors without grant funding will have the opportunity during submission to request ISU cover the full APF.

To be eligible, corresponding authors must use their official ISU email address and affiliation during manuscript submission.


About JMIR Publications

Founded in 1999, JMIR Publications was one of the first born-digital open access publishers and is a strong supporter of open science in all forms. Our portfolio of academic journals and scientific communication innovations is focused on the intersection of medicine, health, and technology. We maintain a commitment to high quality and transparency, premium in-house copy editing services, and a strong reputation for developmental peer review. The Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR’s flagship publication, is a globally leading digital health journal in the medical informatics category and the largest in the field.


“JMIR journals are go-to sources for world-class research on digital health and interdisciplinary work in medical sciences. As both an author and researcher, these journals have a reputation for efficient and high-quality review and dissemination.”

Dr. Edward Meinert, Associate Professor of eHealth — University of Plymouth, Senior Honorary Lecturer —Imperial College London, JMIRx Med Editor-in-Chief

Our Leading Journals
2023 IF JMIR
Journal of Medical Internet Research

The leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine, and health & health care in the internet age.

2023 IF Mental Health
JMIR Mental Health

Internet interventions, technologies and digital innovations for mental health and behavior change. 

2023 IF Medical Informatics
JMIR Medical Informatics

Clinical Informatics, decision support for health professionals, electronic health records, and ehealth infrastructure.

2023 IF Aging
JMIR Aging

Digital health technologies, apps, and informatics for older adults and healthy aging.

2023 IF Medical Education
JMIR Medical Education

Technology, innovation, and openness in medical education in the information age.  

2023 IF Human Factors
JMIR Human Factors

(Re)designing health care and making health care interventions and technologies usable, safe, and effective.

2023 IF Interactive Journal of Medical Research
Interactive Journal of Medical Research

General medical research focusing on innovation in health, health care, and medicine.

2023 IF Public Health and Surveillance
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance

Public health and technology, public health informatics, mass media campaigns, surveillance, and innovation in public health practice and research.

2023 IF mHealth and uHealth
JMIR mHealth and uHealth

Mobile and tablet apps, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, wearable computing and domotics for health.

2023 IF Serious Games
JMIR Serious Games

Gamification research focused on health care, education, and social change.

2023 IF Pediatrics and Parenting
JMIR Pediatricsand Parenting

Improving pediatric and adolescent health outcomes and empowering and educating parents.

2023 IF Cancer
JMIR Cancer

Patient-centered innovations, education, and technology for cancer care, survivorship, research.

2023 IF Formative Research
JMIR Formative Research

Process evaluations, early results, and feasibility/pilot studies of digital and non-digital interventions.

2023 IF Research Protocols
JMIR Research Protocols

Ongoing trials, grant proposals, and methods in all areas of medicine.


Applications of AI in health settings. Broadly including applications on structured ad unstructured data, images, wearables and RPM data, and genomic data.

JMIR Bioinformatics & Biotechnology

Bioinformatics data analyses, methods, devices, web-based platforms, and open software tools for big data analytics

JMIR Biomedical Engineering

Engineering for health technologies, medical devices, and innovative medical treatments and procedures. DOAJ indexed


JMIR Cardio

Cardiovascular medicine focusing on electronic, mobile, and digital health approaches in cardiology and for cardiovascular health. PMC, Scopus, DOAJ indexed


A multidisciplinary journal to publish open datasets for analysis and re-analysis

JMIR Dermatology

All topics related to diseases of the skin, hair, and nails, with special emphasis on technologies for information exchange, education, and clinical care. Scopus, DOAJ indexed

JMIR Diabetes

Emerging technologies, medical devices, apps, sensors, and informatics to help people with diabetes. PMC, Scopus, DOAJ indexed

JMIR Infodemiology

Focusing on determinants and distribution of health information and misinformation on the internet, and its effect on public and individual health. DOAJ indexed

JMIR Neurotechnology

The intersection between clinical neuroscience and technology to prevent, diagnose, and treat neurological disorders.

JMIR Nursing

Virtualizing care from hospital to community. Mobile health, telehealth, and digital patient care. PMC, DOAJ indexed

JMIR Perioperative Medicine

Research technologies, medical devices, apps, informatics, and education in perioperative medicine and nursing. PMC, DOAJ indexed

JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies

Emerging innovations and technology in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, kinesiology, and virtual reality. PMC, Scopus, DOAJ indexed

Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal

The official journal of the Asian American / Pacific Islander Nurses Association (AAPINA). PMC, Scopus, DOAJ Indexed

Journal of Participatory Medicine

The official journal of the Society for Participatory Medicine. PMC, Scopus, DOAJ Indexed

Online Journal of Public Health Informatics

Application of informatics to improve public health, education and policy. PMC indexed