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We’re thrilled to provide you with the information and resources to make the most out of your agreement with JMIR Publications: Consider this your home for learning about email templates, video shorts, flyers and infographics to help promote the agreement  through your campus communications networks to authors, peer reviewers, and potential readers.
  • How the deal saves you money and time
  • What it means to partner with us to deliver Open Science solutions
  • Knowledge translation and dissemination services (complementary and paid)
  • Opportunities to develop digital health research on your campus (webinars, preprint journal clubs)
  • Assets like infographics, videos, flyers, and email templates to make sharing with your networks even easier

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1. Since 1999...

JMIR Publications has challenged what publishing, and publishers, can offer scholarly communications with an aspiration shared by all our partners — creating a robust and transparent scientific discourse that is affordable and openly accessible

JMIR’s mission:
To support researchers, practitioners, and patients with validated and open information to make better health decisions

2. Providing Independent Open Access Publishing Support

Here are a few examples of the publishing innovations we offer to our authors:

  • Build new open-access publishing frameworks that promote research protocols and rapid portable peer review of preprints (
  • Offer open peer review of manuscripts and redeemable rewards to   peer reviewers for their valuable contribution
  • Provide knowledge translation services to help authors disseminate    their work and enable layperson access to health research
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3. Pioneers in Digital Health Research

For over 20 years, we have brought accessibility and transparency to scholarship

  • Demonstrating high-impact publishing with affordable APFs
  • Over 30 journals covering the breadth of digital health through cutting-edge research
  • Provide patient access to important research through knowledge translation services
  • Rigorous peer review by subject expert reviewers

Resources for Librarians

  • Cost-efficient APCs — more affordable than competitors with similar Impact Factors whose APCs frequently exceed $5000
  • Transparent reporting of publications and APCs with more visibility over ‘in the wild’ manuscripts
  • Immediate and straightforward compliance with funder Open Access (OA) mandates
  • Leverage for librarians in future agreements — a demonstrated desire to move from cost-inefficient hybrid titles toward viable pure OA alternatives
  • Centralized workflow management and administration through a dashboard, eliminating external processing charges (up to 7%)
  • Preferential engagement for Open Science innovations, such as Plan P — JMIR’s new framework for an Open Access publishing ecosystem built on rapid peer review of preprints, protocols, and methods
Value for Authors

  • Unlimited, hassle-free OA publishing
  • Numerous author-focused initiatives such as Karma Credits, automatic preprint publication of accepted articles, and premium in-house copy editing at no extra charge
  • Expert peer reviews, renown for providing developmental guidance for early-to-late career authors and maintaining a high standard of integrity
  • Integrated Open Science workflow for submitting authors — from preprint, to protocol, public review, and dissemination through Knowledge Translation Services
  • Author choice outside of large transformative agreement ‘closed-environments’
  • Mandate compliance in pure OA journals that have been leading the way in digital health for over 20 years
What it means to support Open Science

The JMIR mission to support practitioners and patients with validated information was born out of our founder’s frustration in accessing research on digital health issues while pursuing his medical doctorate.

Since 1999, JMIR has challenged what publishing, and publishers, can offer scholarly communications in the belief there is an aspiration shared by all our partners - creating a robust and transparent scientific discourse that is affordable and openly accessible.

Your support of independent Open Access publishers like JMIR empowers us to continue disrupting scholarly communications; pushing research protocols and preprints as a necessity (Plan P), offering open peer review of manuscripts, and tangibly rewarding reviewers for their time (Karma Credits). These are just a few examples of the innovation that publishers can deliver when beholden to authors and not shareholders.

In addition, the read and publish agreements offered by the large players often end up with libraries paying higher APCs in hybrid journals of similar quality to a pure OA title. Large portfolios are leveraged to create a closed environment when it comes to author choice, while none offer Open Access publication of research protocols as part of their transformative agreements.

We’ve been pioneering the dissemination of digital health research for over 20 years, and doing so in a way that brings accessibility and transparency to the scholarship. We hope you’ll partner with us to make the important research published by your institution as rigorous as possible and available to all!

What are the benefits of partnering with JMIR?

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Immediate compliance with open access funder mandates via JMIR Publications’ fully gold OA journals

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Expert peer reviews and professional copyediting, renowned for maintaining integrity and providing developmental guidance for authors

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Integrated open science workflow for submitting authors from protocol, to preprint, and public review

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Community-focused initiatives, such as rewarding reviewers with credits toward APFs, and automatic preprint publication of accepted articles

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Complimentary and paid knowledge translation services to boost article dissemination and engagement

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Access to Plan P — a new open access framework built on rapid portable peer review of preprints, protocols, and methods

What are people saying?


“JMIR journals are go-to sources for world-class research on digital health and interdisciplinary work in medical sciences. As both an author and researcher, these journals have a reputation for efficient and high-quality review and dissemination.”

Dr. Edward Meinert, Associate Professor of eHealth — University of Plymouth, Senior Honorary Lecturer — University of Cambridge

“JMIR and associated journals are recognized and regarded highly within the research community for digital health… and support early career researchers due to the rapid turnaround times and constructive feedback.”

Dr. Wasim Ahmed, Senior Lecturer in Digital Business — University of Stirling


“I have published in JMIR for many years. It is the leading and top ranked journal for the highly topical field of digital health, which is of vital importance to the future of health services. JMIR papers are providing the evidence base for digitally-enabled health care.”

Dr. John Powell, Professor of Digital Health Care, University of Oxford, Senior Investigator — NIHR

“We know that we will get helpful, constructive reviews in a reasonable turnaround time, and we also know that JMIR is highly read by the audiences we wish to reach. JMIR was the first or one of the first publishers in my field to adopt innovative practices that improve research.”

Dr. Holly Witteman, PhD, Professor ­— Université Laval


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